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Making myself progressively unnecessary. Therefore, a teacher.

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3 continents, 1 passion

My teaching career spans over 25 years and 3 continents.

I taught in both public and private schools, in bilingual ones, and, for more than a decade, in IB international schools. My Baccalaureate in Pedagogy was the first step towards fulfilling my childhood dream – being a teacher. I hold a BA in English Language and Civilization and an MS in Information and Communication Technologies in Education.

I battle with myself all the time as I have to balance my inner nerd – who reads hundreds of research papers on cognition, learning, and child psychology – and the innovator who wants to use more creative approaches to teaching. The truth is that the former usually wins – we cannot sacrifice evidence collected over decades about millions of students for the newest tech trend or latest teaching buzzword.

“We need young adults who can think and act creatively, who value human life, are able to make discerning decisions, and know how to communicate and negotiate rather than fight. It is our responsibility as guardians of these values to establish learning environments that foster freedom and responsibility.”

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