Hello, I’m Cristina

A teacher like you

Teach. Learn. Share.

Teachaholic like me? Then this is the place where we can meet.

We can exchange ideas through blog articles and comments, we can help each other with resources, and  we can learn together. I created this website as I felt I could share my experience in teaching, my thoughts about education, and resources that I made with care and hundreds of hours of work.

My aim? I guess like everyone’s : what I share to be valuable, relevant, and practical.

Let’s become better teachers.



Blog articles

Where I write about curriculum, inquiry, cognition, learning engagements, and all things education. I am always learning so expect change of mind.


If you’re like me, you always need a resource to teach – a rubric, a graphic organizer, a lesson plan, and (yes, don’t look at me like that) a good ole’ worksheet.

Edu books

Of all the dozens of education-related books that I read these were the ones that had the biggest impact on my thinking and teaching.


It takes a village to raise a child and a global community to raise a teacher. Here are the people who inspired and made me think throughout my blogging years.


Take a peek at the resources I created and want to share with you